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October 11, 2017

Podcast - Pony play

Podcast - Pony play

This week we are talking about the pony play article written by Emmeline Peaches. It was a little rant heavy but there is so much going on that it’s hard to not do it.

Hugh Hefner - The good and the bad

This week Hugh Hefner died, while he isn’t someone we have thought about much, digging into his life a little has revealed some surprises.

The good

It is easy to see Hugh Hefner as a dirty old man, and perhaps at the end of his life that is something he has earned. But it is worth looking at some of the good he has done in his earlier life to see who he really was. Besides being a Guinness World Recording breaking scrap booker he was an advocate in the 1950’s for gay rights and and sexual rights in general. He also championed black music in the late 1950’s with people like Ella Fitzgerald or James Brown.

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The bad

That isn’t to say it has been all clear sailing and there have been plenty of peeks into what really happened behind the gates at the Playboy mansion. There is certainly a sleazy side to the whole thing, and that is what I have always seen when someone mentions Hugh Hefner. It is hard to not see someone taking advantage of young women, but it seems life is much more complex than that.

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Officials in the DOJ have intervened in a discrimination case against a gay man who says a company fired him simply because of his sexual orientation. In a surprise move the DOH sided with the employer arguing that it is entirely legal to discriminate against gay employees on a federal level.

The Department of Justice now insists that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlaws discrimination in employment based on sex, does not provide any protection for gay people.

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Australian defence force may revoke gender-inclusivity policy

As the Australian post vote over whether gay marriage should be allowed in the country continues a junior minister for defence personnel has instructed the department to find a way out of the current protections that in place for non-binary soldiers.

If the change is successful it would revoke any protections in place for gender-diverse people serving in the military (in the field and support roles).

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Pixie Praise - One-third of young people in the UK aren’t straight

A new study of young British people found that only two-thirds defined themselves as completely straight. With 14% saying they are “mostly” attracted to the “opposite sex”, while 9% equally attracted to both sexes. Leaving 3% mostly attracted to the “same sex”.

This is a dramatic shift from Baby Boomers (born between 1960-1980) who 88% identified as completely straight.

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Pony Play

It was a thought provoking article this week and one that has a lot more depth too than we can really do justice. The first place to start is what is pony play and why people enjoy it, but we quickly moved onto the types of pony and their roles. There really is so much to unpack that I think we could easily talk about it alone for a whole show.

But something else came up and that is how much of this is based on the culture of the country it is in?