Are you getting the sexercise you need?

After the sedentary end to the year with the TV watching and the comfort food eating there is a definite desire for healthier things in the New Year. There will be at least one celebrity flogging an exercise DVD, a faddy diet that’s all the rage, gym special deals on a membership you’ll never use and then there’s those ridiculous miracle pills, belts, lotions and potions that promise to shrink you by several sizes.

I have a newsflash for you. You are beautiful just the way you are.

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All the above are gimmicks fade just as quickly as the sincere but unrealistic resolutions we all make. Let’s be reasonable, there are ways to be healthier but there are no quick fixes. We would all benefit from a bit more exercise at this time of year as not only will it help shift the festive pounds but it will also clear away the grey day blues as exertion makes you feel good. It’s true, actual real scientists have said it! But the battle is not realising exercise is good but it’s making the prospect of doing it actually attractive. That’s where sexercise comes in.

Did you know that having sex can burn around 144 calories in half an hour? If you moan, pant, writhe and do some vigorous pumping it could be even more. What isn’t to love about that? You don’t need any special equipment, you don’t even need a partner, even solo orgasms burn calories.

If you’re solo why not use a toy that you can mount on a wall or a table so that you get to do some thrusting and squatting. Double bonus, you get a work out and the opportunity to buy a new toy.

Feeling kinky? How about a self spanking. Not only will it be a physical activity, the mental agility that you’ll need to engage to make it happen will give your mind a work out too. Use your hands or find an implement and before you know it you’ll be screaming, shouting and panting from the exertion. Phew. You can use it as a punishment for not working out and that way you get the exercise even when you’ve been naughty. Clever, huh?

Did you know that having sex can burn around 144 calories in half an hour?Click To Tweet

Then there’s a sexy twist on the usual forms of keeping fit. Why not reward yourself with orgasms? Set a realistic goal and then when you’ve achieved it spend some time masturbating. Maybe not straight away, you might be too knackered but actually exercise fires off endorphins which make you feel good so it might be the perfect time to indulge yourself. I know I’d be way more inclined to go to a dance class or to the gym if I knew I’d be earning an orgasm. Better motivation than chocolate!

Sexercise for couples

Sexercise for couplesThis approach to sexercise could work for couples too. Let the dominant set the task and the orgasmic reward. It will make all those hours jogging on a treadmill more entertaining as you fantasise about the sexy treat that will be waiting for you at home. And of course, there’s opportunity not to do your exercises and then you’re just going to have to take the punishment aren’t you?

I’m not saying that every hook up needs to be a marathon. Kissing burns calories too you know but it is an interesting approach to think of sex as a work out too. It can be difficult to build up the motivation to run or go swimming but really it’s not hard to find the enthusiasm to have sex.

There are loads of extra benefits from sexercise too. It’ll make you feel sexy and confident. Having sex puts that spring in your step, right? You spend the rest of the day walking around (or hobbling, depending on the intensity of the sex) with your own internal soundtrack of awesome playing. It might not be ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ for you but that post sex confidence makes you feel that way.

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It helps you to connect with your partner. This is important no matter how old your relationship is. Also if you’re both determined to follow the sexercise plan then you can encourage each other. It’s always good to have an exercise buddy to keep you going even when you feel like giving up.

Up the intensity

Sexercise with some comfy cuffsYou can up the intensity of the exercise by adding in new challenges. What about wearing cuffs while having sex on top. Now that will be a good work out for your lower body. Try different positions, different restraints and for a dominant the choice of implement chosen for a punishment could make all the difference. Administering a flogging can be quite the work out.

It’s not all about calorie burning. Flexibility is also an advantage of sexercise. It’s amazing the positions you can achieve when you’re in the middle of an intense session. Especially if restraints are involved and you have to really work to get what you want and need.

So this January don’t buy new work out gear, take off your clothes and get down to a real, serious workout that will leave you hot, sweaty and panting. Enjoy your stiff, aching muscles as you smile, remembering how they got that way. Recalling a heated sex session is far more entertaining than thinking back to a hard session at the gym.

You are beautiful, remember that and find ways to enhance your health and natural beauty don’t be pulled in by gimmicks and guilt-ridden advertising. Take your wellbeing into your own hands (literally!) and sexercise your way to a healthier and happier 2016.

Written by Victoria Blisse

Queen of Smut and Writer of Award winning Rosy, Raunchy Romance. See more posts written by Victoria, or visit her blog to see more of her work or follow her on twitter.

Illustrated by Amy Gardner

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