Erotic sketching

I might be able to paint a picture with words but my drawing skills definitely leave something to be desired. So you’re probably wondering why the hell I’m writing an article on erotic sketching, I might not be very good at it, but I have a great deal of fun doing it.

I’ve been going regularly to Dr Sketchy events in Manchester. When I was first invited I wasn’t quite sure it was my cup of tea but it definitely is. At Dr Sketchy I get to watch all kinds of amazing performances ranging from pole to burlesque via freak shows, fire and I’ve even one involving a cross bow. But not just that, I get to have a go at drawing them.

Colouring therapy

There is a place of calm to be found in drawing. I think it’s similar to the therapy of colouring in. All I can do is concentrate on my pencil and the paper and what I’m trying to sketch. That level of absorption gives my brain a bit of time to wind down and chill out. Even if I’m not drawing a masterpiece it gives me a wonderful satisfaction to know I’ve at least tried and I have gotten better with practise. I’ll never be a master sketch artist but it’s very rewarding to see my style develop and I’ve even got a few pictures I’ve drawn that I’m really very proud of.

I find that when my writing isn’t going well, going to a Dr Sketchy and focusing my creativity in a different way frees my mind and I find inspiration and words again. Throwing myself into the eroticism of drawing enhances my erotica. This might not correlate directly to your life, unless you’re also an erotic author, but I am sure that the shift of focus to creating something sexy will lower anyone’s stress levels and help with finding inspiration of all kinds.

Put the Erotic into erotic sketching?

Erotic sketchingThat’s all well and good but where does the erotic element come in? Well it’s all in the subject, really. It’s not just about getting the anatomical details right at Dr Sketchy, it’s about capturing a moment from the performance and that’s what makes it more than a life art class. Even if you’re not at a Dr Sketchy (they can be found all over the country) or a similar event you can practise erotic drawing yourself at home.

As with everything what I find sexy will not be what you find sexy. Your erotic sketching should be what captures your imagination. It could be a still life of chains or a portrait of your lover naked or wearing sensual lingerie. Find your own style, draw what you want to.

If, like me, you find hands and feet horrifically hard to draw, don’t draw them. Get your model to put their hands behind their back and draw the torso. Maybe you will end up with a finished product you can frame and give as a present. It doesn’t matter if not though, the joy is in the drawing and concentrating on the sensual is sure to be arousing.

Bring it into the bedroom

Make it part of your foreplay, sketch before sex. A perfectly frustrating way to tease your submissive, get them tied up and turned on, maybe drip some hot wax over them for extra splashes of colour and then leave them bound and wanting while you draw them.

Or maybe you could make it into a contest, the best art work gets to be the one in charge or if you’re not into switching maybe the winner gets to pick what happens once the sketching foreplay contest is finished.

If you really don’t fancy sketching, you’re just not that into using a pencil, maybe you can use your bodies as the canvas and various food stuffs as your paint to create an edible artwork. It might not be traditional but it will be tasty and lots of fun.

No matter what way you use your erotic art, be it an escape from your normal day to day activities, foreplay or torture make sure you have fun.

Creativity feeds the soul and erotic creativity has the added bonus of feeding the libido too.

Written by Victoria Blisse

Queen of Smut and Writer of Award winning Rosy, Raunchy Romance. See more posts written by Victoria, or visit her blog to see more of her work or follow her on twitter.

Illustrated by Amy Gardner

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