Kink at Christmas

Tis the season to do everything fa la la la… Okay, I’ll stop singing, but you get my point I’m sure. With Christmas comes pressure, especially if you have children or a big extended family or just even lots of friends to entertain. There is a list as long of your arm of festive must-dos and only so many hours in the day.

So how do you fit kink into all of that?

Kink is all about recreation, finding connection and getting out of your own head for a while. All of these things we humans need to find balance in our everyday lives. It’s essential to a person’s mental health in fact.

Don’t feel guilty for wanting time away from the family thrills and frolics to have some fun kinky times. You are meant to enjoy the season too, you know. It shouldn’t all be stress and fluster.

Christmas is the time of celebration. There’s work parties, friend parties, family parties, people you only ever see once a year parties so why not attend a kink party this year.

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There are events of all kinds at various dungeons and kink spaces across the land as well as various alternative life style markets. Check one out near you. Look them up on Fetlife or via kink friendly friends and combine Christmas and kink in a supportive, friendly environment.

You can pick what is best for you. If you want to enjoy play, spending time in a dungeon will be perfect but maybe you just want to buy some kinky gifts and enjoy being with like-minded folks, then head to an alternative Christmas fair. There’s something out there for everyone.

If you’re a bit more of a private kinkster then maybe you can indulge in a day of kinkmas with your partner. A day to indulge in all things kinky and festive. Pick a date before or after the 25th where you can exchange gifts without raising family eyebrows so that sexy lingerie set won’t make granny blush and you won’t have to pretend that paddle is actually a fancy cheese board.

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You can have a sexy meal as opposed to the festive feast that leaves us all in a stupor and indulge in some festively fun fuckery. I bet you can kink up some parlour games or dress your man up like a principal boy or pantomime dame. A festival of fetish just for you and your special someone.

You can’t do everything at Christmas

Now remember, you’re not superman, you can’t do everything. The key to enjoying a festive season full of fun is to take the pressure off. You don’t have to do it all, prioritise what is important to you.

Work out ways to save time, organise what you have to do into manageable chunks and then be sure to enjoy yourself. So schedule in kinky fun times. Christmas Eve might not be the best time for it but you deserve to have your own kind of fun in the madness of pleasing everyone else.

Do you need to bake all your own cakes and treats? Does anyone eat the Christmas pudding? Do you need to write Christmas cards to every person in the office or grace every parcel with a hand tied bow?

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Keep the things that are important to you and get rid of the things on your to do list that just don’t matter to you. You won’t break Christmas by not doing it all, I promise you.

It may be the season of giving but give yourself a break. Caring for your own needs isn’t selfish.

On top of your scheduled kinky fun time course, there are many opportunities for impromptu kink at Christmas! Tinsel bondage (for super cruel doms, that stuff is itchy!) bauble nipple torture, stir the pud, spank the sub… The options are endless.

Take what time you can to enjoy your kink even when you’re incredibly busy. Get your sub to rub your feet as you write Christmas cards, reward your masochist with spanks for each present wrapped.

Get creative and kink up your Christmas. It doesn’t have to all be family friendly fun and frolicks take time to spice up the season, it’s good for your health.

Written by Victoria Blisse

Queen of Smut and Writer of Award winning Rosy, Raunchy Romance. See more posts written by Victoria, or visit her blog to see more of her work or follow her on twitter.

Illustrated by Amy Gardner

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