Podcast: 12 gifts for Christmas

This week we are talking about the article created for use by Molly Moore on 12 gifts for Christmas. This is going to help you decide what you can get someone special this Christmas.

Top 100 Sex Bloggers List

In case you missed it the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list came out (which we happened to sponsor) and it is well worth checking out.

Want to give a special shout out to A Couple of Kinks who we have done some work with, they are a lovely couple and have an amazing blog. Well worth checking out.

How is it scored

Molly has also written a great post on how she put the list together. Who helped out. And how the scoring was actually done. That alone is a good read because it shows how much work and effort goes into something like this.

It was amazing how close the scoring was between the top 10, and it was especially close between the top 3.

12 Gifts for this Christmas

It is hard to know what to get someone at Christmas, especially if you want to get them something sexy. This list has a great selection of different ideas that are a little out of the norm but well worth looking at.

There is a huge range of choices on the list, some worth really thinking about are:

  • Ceramic Pleasures – These are hand made custom painted dildos made from ceramic.
  • Idee Du Desir – Hand made wooden toys
  • Outlandish Creations – The most beautiful tea sets defiled with the most outrageous words.. delightful.
  • Ruby Glow – Is a very different take on the classic vibrator designed by someone we happen to know Tabitha Rayne.
  • Nippleicious – Very pretty jewellery you wear on your nipples. Totally non-invasive and delightful.
  • Eroticon – A fantastic two day conference for erotic authors and bloggers. This has been so much fun the last couple of years and we are looking forward to being at the next one.

There are even more on the list, so go check it out.