Podcast: What do you think of when you hear the term Pro-Domme?

This week we are talking about what it is like to be a Pro-Domme. Based on the article written for us by Dominar Jen. We talk about what it was like for where, the ups and the downs.

Before we start. Is it said like “Dom” or “Domm-e”? You hear both ways of saying it out in the world which is the right way? I think you say it like you say the French work “Femme”, you would say it “Fem”. That way the words “Dom” and “Domme” are actually said the same way because they mean the same thing. They are just written differently to denote the sex of the person.


Woman battles to seperate from husband [1:45]

A UK court tells a woman she must stay with her husband who she wants to divore for no other reason than this was “of the kind to be expected in marriage”. This is incredibly unusual in the UK and not something we thought we see here in the UK.

Find the full story on the BBC

Psychologists find people who like BDSM are just like everyone else [6:55]

A great article on Psychology Today written by@MichaelAaronPhD (based on research done by @Dr_Markie_Twist and her team (Website)) about debunking popular myths around BDSM. Based on a actual study done on 200 people, this ethically approved study used a number of standard based approaches to see what people who enjoyed BDSM were really like.

Looking into things like “Do people who enjoy BDSM come from abusive childhoods?”. Of course they don’t, and the study finds there is no corolation at all between abuse and BDSM.

It is well worth your time reading the study and looking at the tests they actually did.

Being a pro-domme [12:36]

Written for us by Dominar Jen who was a Pro-Domme for a year so is well places to talk about her experiences. She is actually one of this years top 100 sex bloggers which is how we found out about her and her great blog.

What is a Pro-Domme?

The term “Pro-Domme” is a loaded one. It seems to conjour up this image of a beautuful woman, rising crop in hand, and high black boots.

The reality is it is a really hard job where you are providing very personal services to people. But it isn’t who that person really is.

Jen makes the great point that she isn’t the one in control when she is providing this service. She is Topping people at best, it isn’t Doming someone when they are paying for a service.

It was a lot of fun

While she loves Domming people this was a job, and while that means it wasn’t always fun it was fun 75% of the time. Which is pretty good for any job.

It’s an easy way to make money?

Yeah right. It is far from easy to do this as a job. Sometimes the clients likes will line up with her own but often it just wouldn’t but she would still have to do it.