Podcast: Peace through crafting & Erotic massage

Because we covered Eroticon last week we are covering two topics this week. First is Piecing together peace by Emmeline Peaches. The second is Erotic Massage by Victoria Blisse.

Both great topics and we have a lot to say on them, but before that it was a great week for rants.


Kink.com moving from their famous premises [1.40]

Kink.com are one of the major producers of porn in the US. They produce all sorts of weird and wonderful types of porn and employ a large number of people to produce it on a regular basis.

They have famously owned the The Armoury in San Francisco. Previous a home for the national guard, it is an easily recognisable building.

This is an interesting article because it shows there isn’t the money in making porn there once was. Kink.com is a large company that makes a lot of content, and has done for a long time. If anyone knows what they are doing it is them. But (and I am seeing this more and more) there is now such easy access to free porn sites like Kink.com are struggling to make it work for them.

But there does also seem to be an growing emergence of small independent producers like Pandora Blake who can make a great living catering to a very specific niche (Spanking in Pandora’s case).

It is going to be interesting to see where this goes.

Original article on Vocativ

Tesco chairman is utterly tone deaf around #InternationWomensDay [13:00]

Being a white male is a privileged position, it doesn’t always feel that way but I am becoming more and more away of how much better I have it than a lot of people. Cara Sutra wrote a great post on Admitting my privilage and realising I’m a feminist after all.

John Allen (Chairman of Tesco) told a group of aspiring non-executive directors that white men have become an “endangered species”. Where experts say the numbers do not match Mr Allen’s assessment in the least. Women accounted for only 29% of appointments to board last year, the lowest proportion since 2012.

It is unfortunate that the chair of one of the largest companies in the UK doesn’t understand the privileged position he is in by being white and male. His inability to see the gifts he has been given speak a lot about his views on women.

Original article in the Financial Times

Father rapes his own daughter to prove sex with men is better [20:50]

A father who raped his gay daughter to prove “sex was better with men” has been jailed for 21 years.

This one just totally boggles my mind. What is wrong with someone to think that the right thing to do when their own daughter comes out to them as being gay is to rape her to prove sex with men in better?

There are literally no words that really cover how we feel about this.

Original article in the Independant

School in US body shames its students over what they can wear to prom [24:43]

A catholic high school in Illinois put out a lengthily prom dress code handbook that commented on which dresses certain body shapes could wear and what they couldn’t. There were 21 slides in total with 15 of them being aimed only a the girls.

In the same article Ed Sheeran signs the best sick note ever.

Original article on the BBC

Finding peace with crafting [31:30]

Emmeline writes a great article on why crafting can be an incredibly calming experience. The act of making something with your hands, the repetitive nature of doing the same task again and again, thinking only about what you are working on now.

All these things have a wonderfully calming effect on the brain, and provide a wonderful distraction from the every day stresses we all have.

It is something we have seen again and again at events when we are crafting with people. After a little while when they have got the hang of what they are doing they go very quiet and simply focus on getting their job done. After they have finished, besides feeling very proud of themselves for making something, they will say they found it a very therapeutic experience.

Erotic Massage [45:00]

Do you put enough time into looking after your partner? Perhaps a good massage is something you need to try? It doesn’t have to lead to sex, it can be simply a pleasurable and relaxing experience for the both of you to enjoy each others company and let off a little of the everyday strains.