Podcast: Why design plus size latex

From the photo shoot. We want to say a huge thank you to Candy Snatch for helping us and coming on the podcast.

This week we are joined by the amazing Candy Snatch as we talk about why plus size latex is important. Sorry if the sound quality isn’t up to our normal standards, we did this in the car just after our photo shoot so not in the normal studio.


Trumps latest health secretary pick thinks IUDs kill babies [1.54]

Trumps newest appointment thinks that IUDs actually kill babies in the womb and has the backing of various groups known for their anti-LGBT stance.

Yoest has also said that she believes abortions cause breast cancer—a claim that has been thoroughly debunked by cancer experts—and that contraception doesn’t reduce abortion rates—an idea that has also been debunked through non-partisan scientific research.

An interesting pick considering now she is in charge of the health of millions of people.

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The FCC wants to kill net neutrality [3.39]

Net neutrality is what gives all websites on the Internet a level playing field in terms of people being able to visit them. There is no preference paid to one website over another so everyone has a fair chance of being heard.

The new administration wants to get rid of these rules and allow cable companies to charge companies to get preferential treatment over others who don’t/can’t pay.

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Chechnya concentration camps for gay people [5.51]

The Chechen government is in the process of moving gay people to concentration camps and killing them. This has been reported a number of times but for some reason hasn’t made it too the mainstream media.

This week it was discussed in parliament and yet somehow it still hasn’t become big news.

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Mannequins present a dangerous view [8.33]

New research shows that the body size of mannequins in shops presents an image to men and women that is unobtainable.

“Because ultra-thin ideals encourage the development of body image problems in young people, we need to change the environment to reduce emphasis on the value of extreme thinness.

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Why designing for plus size is important [13.30]

We have started our own range of plus size clothing (at the moment in latex) because there is a serious lack of anything out there for plus size people (and anything over a 16 is a plus size – 40% of the population).

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