Podcast: Asexuality and kink

This week we are talking about Asexuality and Kink based on the article written by The Pagist. If you have not read it you can listen to it here on the podcast or read the article.

Last week we made a little mistake. We said it was all quiet and there was little to report. Just as the Nazi’s came out in Charlottesville. We recorded that episode a bit earlier than normal so we could go to a super secret meeting that weekend.

Out hearts go out to the victoms in Charlottesville and Barcelona. We wish you all the best.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” – Leonard H. Courtney

On top of all that Bruce Forsyth [9:35] has died.


#AintNoCinderella [11:20] – Pixie Praise

Indian women are protesting politicians in their home country who think women should be at home late at night.

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Upskirting on the rise [15:45]

On the rise in the UK are incidents of men trying to take pictures up womens skirts. In what can only be termed assult, some perpertaitors actually seem to think it is fine.

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Transgender people serving in the US military [20:15]

The number 15,000 has been thrown around a lot recently as the number of tensgender personnel serving in the US military. It seems that number is well off the mark to the tune of about 5 thousand.

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BBC gender pay gap [21:45]

There just isn’t the time to go into the huge pay gap for women working at the BBC.

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Asexuality and Kink [22:39]

When you have a kink you must love sex right? That simply isn’t the case, you can plnety of kinks that have nothing to do with sex. How you want enjoy your kinks is totally up to you and you can do it how you want.