Podcast – Sex Invisible: Why sex doesn’t stop at 39

This week we are talking about the article from our blog called “Sex Invisible” by KD Grace.


Donald Trump officially bans transgender people from the military [3.10]

Donald Trump officially instructs the US Military to stop accepting transgender troops into service.

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Far right leader Pauline Hanson wants a public vote on abbing the Burqa in Austrailia [9.15]

To go along with a public vote on whether the country should allow gay marrage, they also want to ask if the public wants to ban face coverings in public.

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Australian MP claims homosexuals stole the word ‘gay’ [15.00]

Austrailian MP claims gay people stole the word “Gay” from them and now they want the word “Marrage” as well.

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Archbishop of Sydney claims Britain is a warning to Austrailia on gay marrage [17.35]

The archbishop of Sydney has claimed the UK should be a warning to Austrailer on equal marrage.

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Finish Government keeps law that requires trans people to be sterilised [21.30]

The Finish government opts to keep laws that force the serilisation of trans people who want to change their sex. They are seen as suffering from the disease of “Transexualism”.k

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Sex Invisible [24.25]

Does sex stop at 39? Of course not, if anything sex can get better once you are 40. But everything you see in the world suggests it only happens between 20 somethings. We are here to say that isn’t the case.