How wrestling is the kink you have been missing

It truly is a thrilling job like no other. I get paid to beat up men, while they enjoy every last second of it – it really is as good as it sounds!

For people not into the scene it might sound a little odd, but men with a fetish for wrestling fit gorgeous girls hire me – and other women like me – to fulfil their fantasies. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s great for keeping fit, it’s exciting and can be competitive.

Wrestling is a kink of sorts and I think men wrestle women because they enjoy the physicality and closeness it brings. It’s sensual without being sexual. It’s also cathartic – a release from their day to day lives. And they get to feel the raw power that women possess, dispelling the myth we are the weaker sex!

The UK session wrestling scene

There are dozens of ladies on the books of companies across Britain and the scene is much bigger than most people would imagine. In London alone, there are several wrestling businesses and the girls are doing well which tells you that the demand and talent to satisfy it is out there.

Recent expose in mainstream media has certainly helped raise the profile. The quality and diversity of the wrestlers keeps on improving too which makes the scene a very attractive place to be.

Wrestling is a kink of sorts and I think men wrestle women because they enjoy the physicality and closeness it bringsClick To Tweet

Guys are fortunate here too as most of the companies put on live shows which gives them the chance to see girls wrestle each other competitively before getting to sample the delights of the women through ‘mini-sessions’. For the guys, these are great, affordable ways to experience what different girls have to offer.

Regular filming takes place for a number of clip stores that gives people the opportunity to see wrestlers – male and female – in action on the mats via the click of a mouse.

It’s a safe, thriving and thrilling scene full of professional and responsible women determined to provide men with every opportunities to satisfy their deepest desires.

How I got into wrestling

The thrill of competition is what brought me into it in the first place 10 years ago. I’ve been a martial artist since I was a child and I’m trained in a number of styles such as Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing.

I met a model on a shoot who mentioned she was a session wrestler and that peaked my interest. I wanted to learn a new combat sport and asked her to show me the ropes and it took off from there.

I started training, learning the moves and enhancing my skills with each and every match. And of course, I loved doing sessions with men and earning a living from it! I’ve never looked back. I’m a freelance wrestler – on the books of some companies or guesting at other venues either for sessions, filming or appearing at shows.

But every girl is different. It’s not essential to have a background in combat sports before you start wrestling. Many girls do but there are plenty of others who had no experience of fighting beforehand but have gone on to become household names in the scene.

I, myself, had a martial arts background but no real ground fighting skills. The key is a willingness to learn as well as having fun. Get that right and you can develop and make a name for yourself.

Sessions with me

Most requests I get from men are for semi-competitive wrestling sessions, which involve skill and strength but with a huge emphasis on fun and more than a little trash talking!

Sometimes I do get a guy who is strong, experienced and a talented wrestler which makes the session fully competitive and more intense. I also get creative, depending on what a guy is into. For example, I offer foot domination sessions where submissions are earned by using your feet. Others might want more smothers or pins or even beat down style moves used so I accommodate as best I can.

Clothing is important too. Some guys will want me to wear certain things be it bikinis, one-pieces, fishnet tights etc and if it’s in my wardrobe then I’m happy to accommodate. And if it isn’t in my wardrobe, they are more than welcome to buy it for me!

But the crucial thing is they have a great time and get what they wanted out of it – after all, they are paying! I charge £175 per session (the average cost in London is around £150) including a mandatory deposit.

How sessions tend to go are that I turn up, check the venue and ensure the mats are clean and facilities such as showers are working, ensure there are towels and then – when the client arrives – talk through what they want and what their levels are before we get on the mats and have immense fun!

I am grateful, flattered and delighted for the positive feedback I get and am fortunate to have regular clients. They tell me I’m skilful, flexible, beautiful and unique, which is lovely to hear.

What it’s like to wrestle men and women

I have always wrestled both men and women. Both bring different challenges but both are amazing fun.For the men, it’s a turn-on. They’re not usually out to play hard and compete with sheer intensity. It’s a joy for me to make them submit through my range of bendy and flexible moves while they get a total thrill out of the experience.

Women tend to be more skillful and flexible than men and this in turn makes matches more competitive. There is less of the kink element in most of my matches with the girls although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy rolling around with some of the beauties in our scene!

Women tend to be more skillful and flexible than menClick To Tweet

I thoroughly enjoy wrestling both men and women as both excite me in different ways while also giving me two different types of work out.

Getting involved

For anyone starting out or thinking of getting involved, the main thing is having a desire to listen and learn. Training and regular sessions will help you develop.

It is also important to promote themselves on wrestling websites such as WB270 or Session Girls, as well as their own sites and social media.

But always remember to have fun and enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying it, then you are definitely doing it all wrong!

Written by Araneae

Inferno, Personal Trainer, Internationally published Fetish & nude model, wrestler & martial artist, Arachnologist, gamer, AF player, Pro Domina. Follow her on twitter, or check out her website.