Latex care

Latex is an amazing material, there is so much you can do with it. But it does need some special care. Here we are going to explain how to look after you latex clothes so they stay new for years to come. This guide will give you some quick pointers, the key thing to remember is to keep the latex dry and out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will quickly discolour then damage your latex, make sure you keep it somewhere dark.

Caring for your Latex

  • Use talc or water based lubricant inside your latex when dressing. For tight fitting garments a small amount of lubricant is best.  Do not use oil based lubricants as oils of any kind (including perfume) will damage the latex
  • Long term exposure to the salt through sweating will damage latex. Wash your latex in lukewarm water with one of two drops of mild shampoo (baby shampoo) or dish detergent. Rinse thoroughly in fresh clean water and dry on a wooden or plastic hanger.  Do not store your garment until it is completely dry
  • Shine your latex using a silicone based polisher such as Pjur Cult which can also be used as a dressing aid.
  • Avoid Metals as they may stain the latex. Stainless steel is latex safe.
  • Avoid sharp objects such as finger nails and jewellery which may rip or pierce the latex.
  • Nicotine will stain latex, especially light or transparent colours.

Storing your latex

  • Only store latex if completely dry. As latex is a natural product it will rot if stored wet
  • Store colours separately as darker colours may stain lighter colours         
  • Use unscented talc inside garment when storing to prevent it sticking to itself and running the risk of ripping when peeling garment apart
  • Store away from extreme heat and sunlight. Heat will melt the latex and sunlight will discolour latex over time.