Customer security

Customer security is essential, we know it is important to you and is certainly important to us. That is why we don’t take risks with your data.

Site wide SSL

We have implemented HTTPS/SSL across the entire site. We did think about applying it only on the payment pages like most companies but we want you to know everything you do with us is protected. Site wide SSL means no one besides you can see what pages you are looking at, what data you are entering, what you are doing. This is how it should be.

We don’t know your card details

One of the biggest fears on the Internet is a company getting your card details and spending your money. I know it worries me. That is why we never see your card details, and we don’t want to know them. We work with PayPal and Stipe to process your card payments because they are known and trusted companies. Their business is to securely process card payments, they have groups of people looking after you and making sure your data is safe.

Because we pass that on to other companies we don’t ever get to see your card details. We don’t know how you paid or with what. And that is the way we want it. If we don’t ever see your card details nothing bad can happen to them. Yes it makes our jobs more complex, but that is the price we pay for making sure you are protected.

The future

As we bring more and more feature online customer security is always something at the front of our minds. We are always looking for more ways to protect our services and your data.

Do you have any questions?

Customer security is important to us, if you have any questions or comments on how we approach security please feel free to get in contact. We are always happy to talk about how we operate and how we can improve our service.