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Podcast - How wrestling is the kink you have been missing

This week we are talking about the unusual kink of wrestling and why it is so popular. Based on this weeks blog post.


Australian PM supports church that discriminates against pro-gay straight couple

An Austrailian church has told a straight couple that cannot marry them because they support gay marrage. In letter to the couple, the church’s pastor had written:

“By continuing to officiate it would appear either that I support your views on same-sex marriage or that I am uncaring about this matter. As you know, neither statement is correct. “Also, if the wedding proceeded in the Ebenezer St John’s church buildings, the same inferences could be drawn about the Presbyterian denomination. Such inferences would be wrong.”

The PM wadded in wanting to protect the rights of chruches to discriminate against who they want to.

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Kid Rock wants to run for Senate in 2018, opens with an anti-LGBT rant

Kid Rock has apparently launched a run for a seat in the Senate in 2018 and decided to open it by ranting about LGBT rights.

“But things shouldn’t be this complicated. And, no, you don’t get to choose, because whatever you have between your legs should determine the bathroom that you use.”

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John McCain wants to block discrimination against transgender people serving in the military

Sentator John McCain wants to allow anyone to serve in the US military if they are willing and able to do so. Their orientation should have no effect on their acceptance.

"When less than 1% of Americans are volunteering to join the military, we should welcome all those who are willing and able to serve our country, Any member of the military who meets the medical and readiness standards should be allowed to serve -- including those who are transgender."

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Wrestling as a kink

Over the last few weeks we have been highlighting unusual and different kinks, this week we are talking about wrestling. It is a fun one to talk about because its something that is very popular but rearly talked about. With companies in London holding events where people can see the wrestlers before they book sessions. We were lucky enough to meet Araneae who wrote it for us at last years Sexhibition.