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Eroticon 2019 - Aftermath

Another Eroticon has come and gone and event drop has hit and slowly started to wear off. If you have never been to Eroticon it is an event like no other. Two days of talks and workshops on all manner of subjects from the law to how to make money from your blog. We were there making things with people and this marks our fifth Eroticon. It is bigger and better than ever, and we are already looking forward to the next one.

We have had some time off from Kink Craft as we rethink what we want to do and that has had it’s positives and negatives. It seems we are not the only ones a little burned out with the hectic life of having to constantly keep coming up with new content.

Look after yourself

I have seen it from a number of prominent bloggers this year cutting down on the things that are stressing them out and focusing on what makes them most happy. Personal well being is something of a theme that keeps popping up.

It makes a lot of sense, starting a new blog is exciting and easy to do. Keeping it going is something else. But no one said you have to do this all the time. If you stop making content do you start to disappear from the community?, of course. But Eroticon has reminded me that even if you step back it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy seeing you at the next event.

Kick up the bum

Something else Eroticon has given me the kick up the bum that I needed to get the old courses up onto YouTube. While at the show we were making our normal mini-floggers as well as collars and cuffs this year. Pixie came up with a new idea which was bracelets with secret messages encoded in them which went down a storm.

Mini-floggers and other bits on the crafting table at Eroticon

But I was asked by a number of people at the show what else we make. Of course we don’t actually make anything any more. But we still have the videos for the courses. So I am going to upload all of them onto YouTube.

Looking around I have all of them in low-res format. But that really isn’t good enough so I am going to re-encode everything into Full HD format and upload them to YouTube over the next few weeks.

Worst case that means I won’t get told off by Bianca from @HelensToyBox. But a few people said how much they enjoyed making thier toys and would love to make more.

Do more this year

One of the big problems I always have coming back from Eroticon is feeling like all these amazingly talented people do such great work while I’m there really not doing very much. TBH I don’t know how they find the time to do all the things they do.

I have some ideas but I’m not going to commit to anything, I already have so much on my plate let alone all the stuff I put on Pixie’s so got a few things to think about, an invite from another event to come and do some making, and some ideas bubbling away.

For my own sanity I will commit to nothing but promise to do something.


I just want to say a huge thanks to Molly, DomSigns & GirlOnTheNet for keeping Eroticon alive. We love coming and doing everything we can to make into the unique event that it is.

To Sheets of SanFrancisco for always being so much fun and finding the best restaurants. To Godemiche we miss seeing you.

To Candysnatch Reviews for just being awesome, we are still sad we missed your talk. Same goes for LovingBDSM’s Kayla Lords.

And so many more.

Till next year!

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