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August 20, 2019

Buttplug hacking

Buttplug hacking

We are back after missing last weeks episode, Pixie was sick but she feels much better now.

Tumblr bought again (0:36)

If you remember we covered when Tumblr decided it didn’t like smut on it’s platform any more and has been systematically removing it. The large community that has grown around Tumblr thanks to it’s open policies has left in droves thanks to it’s decision to “clean up” it’s platform.

Turns out the plan hasn’t worked out so well and this week it was sold to the company that owns WordPress. It sold for $3 Million. Down from it’s valuation a few years ago of $11 billion.

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Hacking buttplugs is easier thank you think (4:10)

This week there was a great talk at DefCon about how easy it is to hack a connected buttplug. Not only hacking the plug itself but every aspect of the product from the client that ran on the computer, to the network it used to talk to other people, to even being able to update the hardware in the plug itself and install other software.

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Songs of praise to show its first gay wedding (19:26)

Songs of Praise. A show running in the UK for 58 years shows it’s first gay wedding.

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The baker who refused to make a cake for a gay man going to European Court of Justice (21:45)

A baker who refused to make a cake for a gay man becuase he disagreed with the message on the cake is going to the European Court of Justice after a UK court rulled it wasn’t discrimination to deny the man the cake.

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