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Male rape is not a crime in the UK

Trigger warning: This weeks episode is talking about rape and the laws around it. Please don’t listen if you are affected by such things.

Theranos goes on trial next year [0:30]

As we have previously talked about the Theranos court case starts next year and it is going to be very interesting to see how that plays out.

Chatholic church paying victims with conditions [2:30]

The Chatholic church is helping out victims of abuse even when their cases are out the normal window for being taken to court. Sounds wonderful only it is being used to save the church hundreds of millions in damages and as a way to silence its victims.

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Sex toys will be allowed at next years CES [7:56]

As we have previously talked about there was a blow up when one of the winners from this years CES was disqualified because it was a sex toy. CES seems to have seen the error of their ways and will be allowing sex toys as a category at next years event.

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Forced penetration isn’t classed as rape in the UK [9:01]

Did you know what in the UK a man being forced to have sex with a woman isn’t classed as rape? A new study highlights the real problem that affects hundreds of men in the UK and the shocking revelation that it isn’t classed as rape.

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