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Discussion - How I learned it was OK to hit a willing submissive

This week we are talking about Souther Sir’s article about how he came to terms with his kink and learned it was OK to hit someone if they asked for it.

For those who don’t know Souther Sir is one half of LovingBDSM a podcast where he and Kayla Lords discuss everything Kink and BDSM related. It is a brilliant show and they are well worth checking out.


Centre Parcs pulls ads from the Daily Mail over homophobic column

Centre Parcs has pulled adverts from The Daily Mail after Richard Littlejohn wrote a homophobic article on how he couldn’t accept it was normal for two men to parent a baby.

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Florida shootings

There is no specific article to point to here just the sensless loss of human life that was the shooting in Florida. Our hearts go out to all the families involved and we hope this is the turning point that will make American politicians see there needs to be change.

How I learned it was OK to hit a willing submissive

This is a really great article from Southern Sir on how coming to terms with what you like isn’t always straight forward and even when you do accept it, sometimes your feelings take a while to catch up. But with a little education and understanding you can push past your problems and be who you want to be.