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March 31, 2019

Insanity in the UK

Insanity in the UK

No time for pleasantries this week, we have a lot to cover. A bit shout out to Beacon_ropes, someone I talk to often they have just been invited to their first event and they are over the moon. Check them out on Instagram, they are from the homeland so Pixie is happy.

First ever all female spacewalk cancelled

In the news this week there was a lot of discussion about the all female spacewalk that got cancelled. With the fingers pointing back at NASA saying it isn’t right that there isn’t enough equipment up there for the astronauts. But the actual story of the spacesuits and why they couldn’t be used is a lot more interesting.

Check out this article where they discuss the EMU (spacesuits), when they were made, and what they were really for.

UK obscenity laws have been changed for the better [8:23]

The obscenity law in the UK used to be ridicules. To the point where you could film yourself doing certain acts then possession of that video of yourself was a crime. The acts included spanking, face sitting, female ejaculation.

Fortunately after a lot of work the law has been changed to allow any act between consenting adults, where no serious harm occurs, or where no other criminal act happens, and as long as the intended audience is not under 18. This opens up the UK law to basically allow anything between consenting adults. A much better stance and a win for freedom of speech and expression.

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UK porn age verification checks coming into force [12:12]

The UK is about to bring into force a new law that will stop anyone in the UK looking at porn unless they can prove their age. This will affect any site on the Internet that can be viewed in the UK. The government will be able to instruct ISP’s to block the site so it cannot be accessed.

In order to prove your age you will need to supply either:

  • A credit card
  • Your passport
  • Your dirving license
  • A valid AgeID
  • Or buy a PornPass from local shops

Only 76% of the country know this happening, of the people who say they use porn sites 53% know nothing about it.

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