Kink Craft

June 30, 2019

Yet more random bits

Yet more random bits

This week it is hot here in the UK, we are baking and if we can complain about it we can.

Pork bellies about to go up [1:10]

Want to get us to talk about something all you have to do is ask. This morning @DomSigns asked us to talk about pork bellies so happy to oblige. Turns out there are serious cases of swine flu in China and it looks like port prices are going to rise 40% soon and continue well into 2020.

Get your money in now if you are an investor, if you love bacon.. sorry but it is going to get much more expensive.

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Drag Queen Bingo [2:06]

The amazing Sparkling Queens of Drag are being attacked by a Christian group for holding fund raising bingo events in the US. The group which holds charity fund raising events at local community run fire houses has raised huge amounts of cash. But the Christian group doesn’t like

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End of End-to-end encryption? [7:33]

The US is considering outlawing end-to-end encryption applications like WhatsApp and iMessage because they are proving too hard for police forces to deal with. The move would be a huge blow for public privacy.

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Stonewall Riots and Pride [12:36]

What do you know about how pride started? A great article on the BBC has made us think about how pride got started and the effect it has had on the world. Most recently there has been questions about how large companies have started to co-opt the event to advertise themselves while not actually giving back anything to the community.

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We will be at London Pride supporting the Puppies [20:19]

We are going to be at London Pride by supporting the Pride Pup Party. Book your tickets to what is going to be a super fun event at Draft House, Chancery in London.

We will be running our mini-flogger workshop from 9am - 1:30pm. Totally free, anyone can come along and make their own mini flogger. Then stick around and play with the pups.

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