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July 14, 2019

Is it OK to erase the past?

Is it OK to erase the past?

We missed last week because we were at Pride, but this week we are back.

Puppy Pride [0:17]

We missed last weeks episode because we were at Pride with Puppy Pride and Pups Out. They invited us along to their event so we could run the mini-flogger workshop for the pups. Loads made their own mini-flogger and I think they ended up being used for crowd control.

It was a lot of fun.

New Zealand charging an entry fee [7:12]

Who does New Zealand think it is charging an entry fee to come into the country.. outragious.

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Ice creme truck against “Influncers”

An Ice Creme truck has started charging inflencers double for their Ice Creme. They are sick of these so called “Influencers” asking for free ice creme they have decided to take a stand.

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Should you erase the past? [11:17]

This week it was reveled that one of the post credit scenes from Toy Story 2 has been removed from the film. The scene features one of the characters talking to a pair of Barby dolls and suggesting that if they come back to his trailer he can get them a part in the next film.

So this has sparked a discussion, is it OK to erase parts of the past you now find offensive?

James Bond is a prime candidate

I have been watching a lot of the old Rodger Moore ear James Bond and there is a lot there that is very hard to watch now. So should those parts be cut out or are they a look into the views of the time?

Woddy Allan and Roman Polanski

Two highly controversial figures who no matter what you think of them in real life have made ground breaking and important films. Should those films be scrubbed from history because the people who made them are problematic?