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De-platforming - A discussion with Sluts & Scholars

We missed last week simply because we did the interview then I forgot to record an intro. Work got in the way then before you know it it’s the weekend again.

Discussion with Sluts & Scholars

Sluts & Scholars is a sex education podcast where they talk to amazing people from all over the spectrum about sex and life. They have some amazing interviews and you need to check them out.

Check them out:

We talk about how they got de-platformed from Apple. For anyone who doesn’t know Apple is the main index for all podcasts. If you are not on there chances are no one is going to find you.

Getting de-platformed means they won’t appear on peoples devices so how will they find new listeners?

After a fight they were eventually able to talk to someone and it turned out Apple didn’t like that they had used rude words in their titles and descriptions. After making changes to all their posts and trying multiple times to get someone to look at it again they were finally able to get back onto the platform.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is happening all the time and companies like Apple are able to effectively silence things they don’t like for any reason they want.